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"So long as there are men there will be wars." - Albert Einstein Welcome in the game guide for Battlefield 2142, recently released online first person shooter made by DICE and Electronic Arts.

This article contains analyses of every available maps, descriptions of weapons, kits and vehicles of both sides of the modern conflict presented in the game. The year is 2142, and the dawn of a new Ice age has thrown the world into a panic.

The heavy armor reduces the sprint capacity, so it's not all good with more protection.

(6) When you are promoted during a round, you can choose the unlock at the End of Round or - if you are in a hurry to get back to the fighting - wait and do this later on in BFHQ.

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(1) When you are playing as a squad, you will see the Field Upgrade Bar in the upper-left corner.

However, it was confirmed recently that free Mac and Windows PC program Game Ranger will keep Star Wars: Battlefront 2 multiplayer running after May 31.

EA said in April that it is working on transitioning Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2142 The titles scheduled to go offline on June 30 are listed in full below.

Massive battle Walkers wage fierce combat on the ground, while futuristic aircraft rule the skies.

When taking on this futuristic armor players will need to use their wits and an arsenal of new hi-tech countermeasures like EMP grenades and smart mines to level the playing field.In Battlefield 2142, players choose to fight for one of two military superpowers - the European Union or the newly formed Pan Asian Coalition -in an epic battle for survival.