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KCTV (Korean Central Television) is a state television broadcaster, located in the capital city, Pyongyang. Recorded news bulletins of KCTV are made available by SPTV.

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Its terrestrial signal can also be received in some areas along the country’s northern border with China and Russia, but its signal south of the border is disrupted by South Korean government jamming and local digital TV signals.

The deliberate interference to the signal parallels the jamming that keeps North Korean radio off South Korean radio dials and Pyongyang-linked web sites from the screens of South Korean Internet users.

For most of the day — when the stream is available — it relays standard color bars but these switch to the KCTV testcard at around Pyongyang time.

These screen shots were from December 7th: The testcard is on air until when programming begins.

The country’s National Security Law, which is getting some international attention at present, has seen citizens arrested for posting or forwarding North Korean news articles and writings so the online KCTV feed is a surprise.

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We are taking actions consistent with UN sanctions to show that there are consequences for defying sanctions and providing support to North Korea, and to deter this activity in the future.” [Treasury Dep’t Press Release] Among yesterday’s notable targets: * China-based Dandong Rich Earth Trading Co., Ltd., for buying vanadium from sanctioned Korea Kumsan Trading Corporation, a front for the General Bureau of Atomic Energy. Paralegal Specialist Toni Anne Donato and Legal Assistant Jessica Mc Cormick are providing assistance. Today, it will release an update to “Risky Business,” revealing that in addition to having funds in U. banks, the Chinese national who runs Dandong Zhicheng, Sun Sidong, owns real estate in the United States.