Updating n95 8gb

22-Jan-2018 07:40

Nokia's N95 8GB just got updated to v31.0.015, and if you're a proud owner of this here handset, we'd recommend you give it a look.

The full ROM weighs in at around 130MB, and some of the changes include the closing of the SDK security "hack" for jailbreaking personal devices, minor bug fixes / cosmetic improvements of the undisclosed variety, photo quality improvements and better browsing stability.

We're off to dust down the older phones (they must be in here somewhere) to find out what delights are in v35.0.001. Personally, I chose not to upgrade my N95-1 to an N95 8GB because of the lack of lens cover.As the N95 8GB has no UDP you need to back up all your data before updating your N958GB to v.31.0.015.